I can find a new HVAC job anywhere.

For the last 4 years, my partner Sam had been looking for the perfect job, but when her boss offered Sam a transfer & a major new title, she could not resist, however i was an Heating & A/C worker & knew I could find a decent job wherever we lived.

What I didn’t plan on was finding a new job the 1st morning after we moved! All of us were supposed to be moving into our new home when the friend came over to introduce himself.

All of us were talking about Sam’s job, & he asked what I was going to do? He was an affable guy, & I told him I was a certified Heating & A/C worker! He laughed & said that was amazing. His kid ran a Heating & A/C shop, & they were looking to hire a man. He offered myself and Sam her supplier card & asked myself and others to call her, however that morning, I was inside the Heating & A/C supplier owner’s office, waiting for him to arrive, but she arrived a minute after I sat down & apologized for being late. I had seen no other Heating & A/C workers hanging around, & I thought this may be a new business. She told myself and others they had been established for more than a decade, & now she was looking for a fine man. I asked her how multiple Heating & A/C workers they had, & she told myself and others there were ten, however there were still some buyers who preferred a male Heating & A/C worker over a female. She asked if I was interested in being the only dude in an all girl Heating & A/C business? I didn’t need to assume any more about it. I just asked if she could hold the job for a couple of mornings while Sam and I finished moving. I started actually working in an all girl Heating & A/C supplier a few days later.

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