We were going shopping for my hunting gear.

My father was so proud that I was finally outdated enough to go my first deer hunt with him, and she took a full weekend off work so that she plus I could go shopping for all of my hunting supplies that I was going to need; I wasn’t sure that I appreciate the idea of going deer hunting, although I appreciate the idea of being able to spend a weekend in the woods with my dad; We headed to the local athletic activitys store, where every one of us started looking for all the hunting supplies I was going to need, however dad found hunting vests that were in the brightest red anyone could imagine! The red was so bright that I swore it was going to blind me.

She purchased myself and others a hat the same color, plus a pair of coveralls that would keep myself and others boiling under any weather conditions.

She then threw in a pair of hunting boots plus gloves that had no fingers in them, but once I had all of the necessary hunting supplies, she said she was going to buy myself and others a gun. I hesitated when she said about having my own gun. I explained to dad that I didn’t appreciate the idea of shooting the deer, although I was willing to get all the hunting supplies plus go out into the woods with him. If she wanted to hunt that was wonderful with me, although I didn’t want to have to shoot a deer. That was actually cool with this decision, although I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I was still only 12 years old.

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