He said he wouldn't work until he found a job that paid more than minimum wage.

My husband’s ex-wife raised their son until he was almost sixteen, when he moved in with his father and me. She no longer wanted to put up with him. I told him he could move in, but he had to finish school, get a job, and put money back for college. He wasn’t happy, but his dad stood behind me on my decision. He followed our rules, or he could go back with his mom. He was in our house for almost six months, and he still didn’t have a job. He told us he refused to work unless he got at least $10 an hour. I laughed. Minimum wage was only $7.25 an hour. He had no skills, and the only job he could get was in fast food. I knew no one would hire him for more than minimum wage. He said he would work for the HVAC company. His friend’s father owned the HVAC company, and he was told if he wanted a job cleaning up and doing inventory, they would hire him. I snorted and walked away. I couldn’t believe the owner of the HVAC company would hire him for $10 an hour. I called Jeff. Jeff owned the local HVAC company. I had known him since we were in high school. I asked him if he knew my stepson? He said yes, but he didn’t know he belonged to me. I asked him about the offered job at the HVAC company. I found out he was told he wouldn’t take anything less than $10 an hour, and Jeff refused. He said he would take minimum wage, or he wouldn’t work at the HVAC company.
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