The Heating Device in the Vehicle is Steaming up the Windshield

Both of us are driving back from our road trip to the mountain and the car is all steamed up from all of the wet clothes on us.

  • Our driver just pulled off of the road because the two of us can’t see a thing while driving and we are on a slim twisting and turning road on the mountain.

I told her to try and turn on the heating and air conditioning plan to see if it dries the air, however it seems like it is not keeping up with the work. Both of us went swimming in a boiling spring after skiing and I suppose all of our clothes are wet and keeping the humidity up honestly high in the car. I asked the heating and air conditioning pro, who is sitting in the front seat next to the driver, if there is another way to remove the moisture from the air. He said the best way is to run the heater, as well as open the windows just a little bit. I suppose we all need to just get a towel and use it to wipe the windshield every now and then. I am not a heating and cooling expert by any means, however occasionally the first solution is sometimes the best solution. So now the two of us are looking for a dry towel in the car, however we don’t seem to be having any luck with that either. There is a local corporation an hour or so up the road and I suppose the two of us should just stop there for a while till we all find a solution. The best thing would be if we had a dryer to dry the clothes somehow.
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