Doing a Little HVAC Work on my Trek Back From Skiing Today

I have to write several more articles and am trying to get them done before the two of us get home, as the two of us are planning a long night of Monopoly with our ski group. I was going to bring my drum and play with my bandmate, however there wasn’t enough room, so I had to leave it behind. Both of us will practice songs after the game tonight for a little bit and then hop in our beds for a much needed sleep. There is a fireplace in the room where the two of us are staying and I am going to build a nice fire before we break out that board game. I can’t believe my feet right now in the car because they got wet and are freezing and numb now. I would love to have some little heating device under my feet right now to heat them up a bit. The superb news is there is a boiling shower waiting for me back at the lake house and I am going to be the first one to hop in it. They have a sizable boiling water heating system tank and I am hoping the group of us have enough boiling water for everyone to take a moderate shower with. I suppose we all should limit the time in the tub to under three minutes per person, or there may not be enough boiling water for us all. I was going to adjust the smart temperature control on the heating and air conditioning unit before the group of us left, although I forgot to do so. I may turn the heat up on the hot water heating system also as soon as the two of us get back.

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