Lost on a Freezing Mountain in the French Alps is no Way to Finish

It can happen very abruptly, you get lost and end up dead in one short night.

This is what almost happened the other night while doing a little trip to the boiling hot springs on the border of France. I’ve faced death a few times in life and this one was right there with the other times, and I somehow got out of this one alive too. I am going back to our little village tomorrow, although I will remember this fun trip as well as all of the crazy things that came with it. In just three days I’ll be working at the heating and air conditioning corporation doing our normal heating and cooling component repairs as well as thinking about this trip the two of us just did. I will be taking another trip over the Atlantic Ocean soon and headed for another adventure back in my hometown. My friend is a local contractor back home and was asking me if I could help him do some commercial air conditioner replacements and I told him yes, of course I could. I can tell him all about our fun trip to the mountains with our friends as well as how I almost ended up being a landmark on that mountain for other hikers to take pictures of. I have a new appreciation for heating as well as fireplaces in homes after being so freezing for so long on that mountain that one night. I suppose next time I go hiking I am going to bring a compass and a tent, so if I get lost I can just make a small home and sleep for the night. Oh, and I would also bring a small portable gas heater!


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