The HVAC Heating Unit Has Just bit the Dust Finally

I just took a trip to the boiling sulfur springs and the two of us lost our heat on the way here. That was nothing compared to what almost happened on the way back though. I took off early from the boiling springs because it was getting dark and the path back was quite treacherous and confusing. After about more than four hours of walking back, I realized I was going the wrong way and so I turned around and went back to meet the group. When I got back though, the group was gone and it was just me by myself. My heating and air conditioning rep friend had my phone and that was going to be my light to see, so now I was lost with no light as well as no phone to call. I kept calm despite the fact that I knew I would not survive the sub zero night with no heating device or tent. Luckily, I spotted some lights above me to the left, far above me, and I yelled and whistled and they heard me because the lights were flashing me. I just wanted a warm fireplace in the lodge with a big comforter wrapped around me. So, I ran and caught up with the group and I finally made it back to safety. I thought about that mountain when I got to the lake house and realized if I did get lost, and had no furnace or space heating device to keep me moderate, I would have ended up frozen by the time morning rolled around. It was several degrees below zero that night I heard on the weather forecast the next morning.

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