The HVAC Sector Experienced Tons of Growth During the Pandemic

The pandemic honestly took a toll on our economy, and many of the small corporations in our area did not survive the lockdown. The pandemic was an unprecedented event that nobody saw coming and some corporation owners were left to fend for themselves. There was some help from the federal government in the form of a stimulus, however some corporations still suffered grave consequences and had to permanently close their doors. While some corporations did not survive, there were others that thrived and even saw growth during the pandemic. The heating and air conditioning industry has been steadily growing over the years, however it did see an even higher amount of growth during the lockdowns. With more people working from home, it meant they were using their heating and air conditioning units more now than ever. And as with any equipment, the increased use led to more malfunctions. Not to mention that during quarantine, the two of us experienced some of our warmest months, so a lot of heating and air conditioning units broke down during that time. Personally, I have an older heating and air conditioning unit, and sure enough, it broke down about three months after I began to work from home. The capacitor, which is an electrical component responsible for starting the heating and air conditioning unit, malfunctioned. Prior to that incident, I had never had an issue with our unit. Turns out that the capacitor is sensitive to heat and it will fail from direct sunlight as well as if the device is running too hard. So, it was inevitable for that malfunction to happen during the pandemic. Therefore if our device broke, there were tons of other units that experienced problems during that time. This means that demand increased for heating and air conditioning companies all over the country.

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