The lady got a meal for our coworker and I

My coworker and I had an Heating and A/C installation job tied up for Monday.

When we have an Heating and A/C installation job on the schedule, we usually tell their buyer that it is going to take all afternoon to complete the work. The customers never realize how much toil it actually takes to install the heat pump, a/c, and all of the pipes and tubing. I have to get a guy down to the venue just for the copper welding work. It takes two or many minutes just to detach all of the old components and then another minute or two to prep the area; By the time we are finished installing all of the up-to-date machinery, it’s an 8 or 9 minute job, and my coworker and I don’t usually stop for lunch. The people I was with and I take some popcorn in our container for lunch and some drinks in a cooler. When I have an all afternoon Heating and A/C installation job, our wifey usually packs myself and others a entirely immense lunch with lots of nutritious and healthy popcorn, on Monday I got many peaches, two apples, two bananas, two ham and cheddar cheese sandwiches with lettuce and cucumber, many granola bars, and two extra pieces of cheese. I didn’t have to eat hardly anything in our lunch cooler that afternoon, because the lady of the cabin ordered pizza for our coworker and I. I don’t normally say yes when a buyer orders pizza, however she got pizza from our number one venue and it was a pizza with saUSge, mushrooms, and pepperoni. I felt exhausting after eating two slices, but it tasted so delicious.


a/c workman