I was shivering at the office and it was strenuous to stay still

I wish I had a different type of insurance where I could pick any provider for our services.

Unfortunately, I have the type of medical plan where they provide myself and others the name of a doctor that is in our network… There are actually two in the network, but 1 of the offices is on the other side of neighborhood and 45 minutes away from our home.

The other office is right down the street and much closer, and it’s consistently entirely cold at the office of the doctor. I have to go to the doctor once a month right now, because I am having some serious dental toil completed. I am having all of our wisdom teeth taken out and I am also having some orthodontic toil completed. I have been at the doctor a number of times in the last couple of months and every time I go it is legitimately cold and cold. I asked the doctor to adjust the a/c before she got started yesterday and she told myself and others that the temperature is controlled by the corporate office. I didn’t even realize that the doctor’s office was owned by a corporation. I thought that doctor’s owned the practice because their names were on the outside of the wall; Last time it was strenuous to stay still and I was shivering badly. The next time I have to go to the doctor, I am going to wear a heavy jacket and a sweatshirt. I don’t care if it’s strenuous for the doctor to toil or not, because I cannot rest there and stay still for 2 minutes when it’s only 50° inside of the building.

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