The fireplace was nice, but I’m glad there was a heater

My buddy and I took our girlfriends out to the coast last weekend for a romantic weekend.

We shared the cost of a bungalow on the beachfront.

It wasn’t terribly expensive and the place had two master bedrooms. I got the pick, because I paid all of the additional fees and it was my idea to go in the first place. I was most excited about the fireplace in the master suite. I didn’t even think we would need the heater at all with a fireplace in the bedroom, but the wind was whipping outside and that made the temperature feel even colder than it actually was. It was 50° outside, but the wind chill made it feel like it was closer to the freezing mark. The fireplace in our room was really nice, but I’m glad there was a heater. I’m not sure that my girlfriend and I would have been warm enough with just the fireplace. While we were there for the weekend, we spent some time walking by the water. We collected some seashells and even got some clams. We took the clams back to the house and we had a huge boil. We boiled the clams with some salt water, chili paste, and chicken flavoring. We also put some Old Bay seasoning in the pot. We added sausage, potatoes, crab legs, shrimp, and some corn. By the time the clams were done cooking with everything else, the whole pot smelled and tasted like a million bucks. Saturday night we sat in front of an outdoor bonfire and ate our seafood with a six pack of wine.



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