Should you run your car's oil heater before you use the car in the afternoon

I have regularly gotten in my car plus let it run for a few hours before I get into it on Winter time afternoons. I do this for many reasons, or possibly 3 reasons… First, I want the oil furnace to get the car nice plus sizzling so that when I get in it it is all heated up. Second, I want the oil furnace plus the defroster to work to get the ice crystals off of the front plus back windshields. Third, I I have regularly thought that running the car so that it gets a little heated up before driving is for the engine. I recently learn an article, though, that says you should not let your car run on cold Winter time afternoons, all of us should just get in it plus drive. Are you accustomed to heating up the engine before you beginning driving your car? I undoubtedly do not believe what the right answer is. There is 1 thing I will say, though, plus that is why do you like to have the oil furnace running when I get in the car plus also have the oil furnace already done its job plus made the car nice plus warm, however do you think? I still undoubtedly do not know, although I tend to believe there is no problem with running the car plus turning on the oil furnace while it’s still just idling in the driveway. I learn something that letting your car idle legitimately pulls the oil away from the necessary Parts where the oil is needed. I do not believe about you, although I legitimately want the oil furnace on in my car in the afternoons. Whether that means I have to wait plus just turn the oil furnace on after I am ready to beginning driving or whether that means I should leave the car idling with the oil furnace running, I just do not know.
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