The attic room wasn’t complete without an HVAC system

We’ve been renovating our home slowly for the last decade.

This hasn’t been an easy process, however it’s something both of us remain committed to doing; my wife as well as I first came across the property when visiting a friend.

The people I was with and I happened to drive by this home that was neglected as well as run down. To anyone else, it looked akin to the worst thing to buy, and however, both of us saw things differently. The people I was with and I wanted to make this our loft so both of us began making inquiries about it. The family that owned the home had been trying to get rid of it for years, as well as they even made a better deal once they figured out that both of us were drastic customers, but it would be another 3 years before both of us had it in livable conditions as well as moved in… However now, a decade later, both of us finally completed the attic master suite. This was a big part at the top of the home that required so much work, then on top of it all, both of us had to sort out the heating as well as cooling situation in this part of the home. Other parts would be served by the central heating and A/C system! But, both of us had to find a funky heating as well as cooling solution for the attic, but a friend who is an actual heating and A/C expert came by to inspect the part once the renovation job was complete. His suggestion was both of us go for a ductless method for this vast space. Modern mini-split ACs require no HVAC duct, as well as are powerful enough to cool or even heat such a room. The best part was both of us didn’t have to worry about extra HVAC duct which would cost money.