We wanted to change the location of the thermostat

My child and I have been alone for a while, to be honest I never thought about dating and getting married again, my first marriage wasn’t the most ideal so I left! It was easier being alone and taking care of everything than consistently asking another lady to be responsible. So, you can absolutely imagine my shock when I met my now fiance. This all happened in the local supermarket when I had gone in to grab a few things before picking up my girl from daycare; she asked myself and others for advice on a few products she wanted to try and my number, but normally, I’d say thanks and politely decline giving my number… But, this time I did to my utter surprise; we finally met for Starbucks Latte a few mornings later followed by lunch, and now a year later we are finally getting married! One issue we had to handle was where to live since we both owned our homes. Our compromise was to rent out these spaces and jointly buy a condo where we now live. The heating and A/C program in this new condo was in great condition when we purchased the property. This was simply great news since new heating and A/C systems aren’t cheap, and we had to do work on the ventilation. It seems the previous owner had taken great care of the heating and A/C system. But, for some weird reason, he’d neglected the ductwork which now had to be repaired. We contacted an actual heating and A/C supplier in the section to get a quote on duct cleaning and sealing before winter. That specific way, we would enjoy warmth and comfort when the frosty season arrived, and another issue was with the temperature control. It’s location wasn’t favorable so my fiance proposed the heating and A/C professional to transport it.