I needed to take an adventure

My mum consistently referred to myself and others as the adventurous one in the family.

I enjoyed discovering new things plus reading something new every day.

As I grew up the enthusiasm did not go away. During the Summer break, I would look for different tasks to keep myself and others busy, I never worked at the same place twice in different summers. This summer, my dad, who is an HVAC tech, asked if I could shadow him during his task runs. On the first day of shadowing him, we decided to go up to this bar to fix the boiler. It was the most popular bar in town plus even though underage, I had consistently wanted to go there. I had heard various stories about how cool the place was. When we got there, the bar was still not open. It was a appealing space. They had the radiant floors at the VIP section while the gas furnaces served the rest of the bar. The issue was the electric furnace. The indoor comfort plus heating quality had reduced significantly. Though the oil furnace/heater replacement had been done numerous years back, the heat plus A/C product had received numerous heating repairs in the last various months. My responsibility was to learn as much as I could plus help out handing component to the gas furnace service team. The oil furnace filters had recently been replaced so they were as clean as could be. As they fixed the device plus the wireless temperature control that had since stopped laboring, I took a tour around the bar. All the stories about the place were true, the place was exquisite. The heating industry had started giving out digitized HVAC repair plans to customers. The heating dealership that dad worked for also shared important tips with the bar management.


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