Allergies reduced thanks to air purification

This past spring was the first time that I actually was able to enjoy that season.

  • It hasn’t always been the case when it comes to this particular season.

For sure, it’s great we don’t have to have the gas furnace running all the time in order to provide the heating we need. For sure, winter is my most dreaded season because I’m trapped inside with the gas furnace running. I’ve never been one to get outdoors in the winter. Winter sports just don’t fit my lifestyle. I grew up in the South so just dealing with the winter that comes with a gas furnace is plenty. I’m not compounding my freezing by going outside to ski. Hockey doesn’t seem to make much sense either to me. So I do give thanks when the temperatures begin to get warmer at the end of winter. But I also know that that’s going to come with allergies. Seeing all the rebirth of spring and all the green is wonderful. But the pollen absolutely overwhelms me. It’s just so bad at times that I have to go on prescription medications to manage my symptoms. But this past spring was different. We had a whole home air purification system installed inside the HVAC unit. And that’s all it took as that thing is just amazing. Using UV light, it literally destroys all the pollen and other allergens in the air. I noticed the same thing this fall when the Goldenrod came out. I just felt so much better I didn’t deal with any allergy symptoms when I was inside the house.


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