New home gym comes with great air conditioning

I’m not a natural when it comes to working out or being fit.

  • It takes work and it’s always been sort of a back and forth sort of thing.

For much of my life, I hated the idea of working out. Just going to the gym was not at all high on my list of things to do. I’d much rather sit in a recliner and soak up the air conditioning. But after decades of that sort of behavior, it was evident that my lifestyle was not helping my health and fitness level. So I started joining my wife at our local gym. She was able to motivate me to get out of the HVAC comfort of our living room and into that gym. Still, I really never liked going to the gym. But after a few years, I sort of got conditioned to it. And I like the fact that I was healthy and feeling good as well. So trips to the gym with my wife we’re just part of the schedule. Due to the pandemic, my wife and I we’re only getting exercise by taking walks at home. We were stuck inside the central air conditioning of our house just like everybody else. We had to let go of the gym memberships as we just couldn’t risk being in that closed in area. So my wife and I took about a month to find the different exercise equipment online at greatly reduced costs. Now we have our own gym in the basement. And I have to say the ductless heat pumps we had installed in our new gym are much better than the commercial HVAC in the old gym.