Stayed in great air conditioning on vacation

I’m not the safari or expedition sort of person.

When it comes to my vacations, I’ll stick to the HVAC cooling.

I’m the sort that likes to take it easy on vacation. So much so that just good HVAC cooling and a book is all I really need. But it’s the only time of year where I get to have all the air conditioning I want. When at home, we’re pretty regimented when it comes to the thermostat setting. And that really does save us a lot of money when it comes heating and cooling expenses. But when it’s vacation time, it’s HVAC cooling time for me. My wife is always so good when it comes to finding a vacation home with great HVAC and HVAC technology. It’s a big deal and a highlight of vacation for this guy. Just enjoying my book while inside the HVAC cooling while the kids are at the beach with my wife is lovely. I also like to get to the local restaurants that also have great HVAC cooling. I get out of the air conditioning to play in the ocean with the kids or take a long walk with my wife early in the morning. But the rest of the day, I crank the residential HVAC in order to get all the air conditioning I can stand while I’m on vacation. It takes me three or four days to get accustomed to having thermostat settings at home be so much more disciplined. But it sure is fun to have all that HVAC cooling for as long as it does last on vacation.
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