It really was so tough to save on HVAC costs

This was just our second time experiencing this sort of summer weather.

  • We were both born, raised and had lived our lives up north until a fairly recent move to the south.

This was cause for some adjustments when it came to the weather. At first, we were so thrilled not to have to deal with all the heating costs that came with living up north. Our gas furnace up north was efficient. But man, it still cost a lot of money to keep the house warm for more than five months of winter. We moved to the South during the fall so we could hardly believe that the heat bump barely came on during the winter. This is the mildest winter you can imagine and I’m outside in the sunshine almost every day. But when it came to summer, we were not prepared. That’s when the HVAC costs can really get you. The first summer, we were so overwhelmed by the heat and humidity. The only course of action was to pour on the air conditioning that first summer. We certainly overused the HVAC cooling that first summer. And the HVAC cooling costs proved that to be true. So this past summer, I focused on making sure we didn’t go down that road again. It was really pretty easy though. We sealed up the house and pulled the shades to stop direct sunlight heating. And then we just got some thermostat discipline and stuck with it. This proved to save a really big amount of money compared to our first winter dealing with this sort of heat humidity.

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