Enjoying the HVAC in our home one last time

Like many others, we’re still dealing with the repercussions of the pandemic.

  • At least I’m back in a commercial HVAC of the office.

But even that didn’t come without some sort of challenge. Having gotten accustomed to my routine at home, working in the zone controlled HVAC of the office was a change. I enjoyed my schedule working from home so, getting back to the office structure was different. I also loved not having to get dressed up every day. I really didn’t realize just how much I didn’t like wearing a suit all day. However, there was one plus in my life that was also due to the pandemic. Just before the pandemic hit, we were new to being empty nesters. Our three children, who are 5 years apart, we’re all in college. With all the kids gone, it seems like the right time to sell the house. So my wife and I updated the HVAC equipment in order to find a place that was suited to just the two of us. But before we could even get it on the market, the pandemic sent all my kids back to the house. So we had almost a full year of everyone back in the house enjoying the new air conditioning. It was actually sort of wonderful to have all my children home one more time. And the new HVAC technology really made it super comfortable. We finally did sell that house and we were sure to update the HVAC technology in our new but much smaller home.
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