My new place comes with some awesome heating and cooling comfort

It was like some sort of endless and cruel cycle happening over and over to me. That’s what trying to save enough of a downpayment on a house felt like. I’d get super close only to have the prices of homes jump again leaving me out of reach of homeownership. This was only compounded by the fact that I had terrible heating and cooling inside my apartment. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case, I finally saved enough money to cover a down payment for house. I was able to afford a small two bedroom home that needed a lot of work. So I decided that maybe there was another way forward when it came to replacing the HVAC equipment. HVAC equipment was one of the things that had to be changed immediately. I certainly wasn’t going from terrible HVAC when I was renting too old, antiquated HVAC equipment in my new place. Still, I was on quite a budget. While I had factored in renovation costs when it came to my budget, it’s not like I had a huge budget to start with. So I had to prioritize and one of those priorities was of course replacing the central air conditioning. But I found out that the ductwork was not going to work which changed everything. The HVAC contractor came to the rescue with the ductless heat pumps. With the ductless multi split system, I didn’t have the need for ductwork and so my quality heating and air renovations actually came in under budget. I couldn’t’ be more pleased with the ductless heat pumps as this is the best heating and air conditioning I’ve ever experienced.

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