Just an air filter made a big difference in respiratory health

I really had no idea just how essential good indoor air quality really is.

I just didn’t understand indoor air pollution at all.

I don’t think of indoor air pollution. When it comes to polluted air, I think about smokestacks and traffic jams polluting the air. Of course, that is something that does happening and contributes to air pollution. I just had no idea that the HVAC equipment is just so important when it comes to good indoor air quality in your home. I was thinking that indoor air pollution didn’t exist. Pollution was outside the house. Well of course, the outdoor air is also the indoor air. That comes with plenty of stuff one has to deal with when it comes to good indoor air quality. From the carpet to the furniture, there are plenty of synthetic chemicals being released in our indoor air. Add into that pollen and pet dander and you get indoor air pollution. This results in having our respiratory system under attack almost all the time. But I found that we can be proactive regarding indoor air quality without too much trouble or cost. The very first thing I did was call the HVAC company to schedule a ductwork cleaning and a ductwork resealing. That’s a great start as most of us have incredibly dirty ductwork. Once the HVAC professionals finished that, I wanted to take things a bit further. So I went to the home improvement store to pick up a HEPA air filter. This type of air filter removes more than 99% of all contaminants in the air. Just an air filter change has made such a difference in our home.


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