I finally figured out my wifi temperature control

For the longest time, I put off taking a look at my programmable temperature control and trying to figure out how to program it! Because of that, it instead functioned as a proper temperature control for quite some time… As such, I would manually adjust the temperature whenever I felt the need, however in the days, before I left for work in the summer, I would have to adjust the temperature such that the a/c would barely be used at all so that I wouldn’t be wasting cash on cooling a house that no 1 was occupying, then, I would get home to a rather sizzling house and manually change the temperature control back up to a temperature that I found comfortable.

It was much the same story for the winter.

I would essentially turn off the heat while I wasn’t home and return to a unquestionably cold house and turn the temperature control back up. I would also adjust the temperature in the evenings to make things generally cooler, because I savor sleeping in cool temperatures. Then, 1 day recently, I got stuck at home because of an approaching hurricane! Most if not all businesss were closed down for a couple days, including mine, so I figured I would take a superb look at the directions for the programmable temperature control that I had left in a closet anywhere and try and figure out how the whole thing worked before I potentially lost power during the hurricane; Well, we never lost power during the hurricane, despite the fact that I did find the time to figure the programmable temperature control out, and I haven’t looked back since, now the temperature control automatically adjusts itself according to the schedule I have set, so I never come back home to an uncomfortable house anymore!

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