I finally understand the appeal of smart thermostats

I never understood the appeal of smart thermostats.

That’s probably because I never understood the appeal of smart devices in general.

Connecting to the internet for me has always been about seeking out information or being entertained. Where on earth does my thermostat come in in all this? Why on earth would I need my thermostat to connect to the internet? Well, it turns out that smart devices are not simply those which are able to connect to the internet. I found out that smart in the case of thermostats means many things. It means that you can adjust the temperature from your smartphone from any location in the world if you so wish. It also means that you could program a schedule on the thermostat. Now, of course, I had no idea what the difference was between a smart thermostat and a programmable thermostat in this regard, until I did some research and discovered that smart thermostats will eventually learn the heating and air conditioning habits of you and your family. As a result of this information, it will start to adjust itself. I guess that is pretty smart! I’m having trouble believing that a thermostat can eventually know what temperatures I will like better than even I know, but I could still see the appeal. I mean, it does sound very convenient. Maybe I will simply appreciate the control and convenience aspect of a smart thermostat and perhaps not use the functions that capitalize on its ability to “learn” my habits. We have to keep the machines in their place, after all!


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