The fireplace saved the morning

As much as I appreciate social media, I also kind of hate social media, but let’s take Thanksgiving as a perfect example of this.

To me Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year. It’s all about food, family, as well as friends; What could be better than that? Every year I host a large meal as well as invite everyone I know. The people I was with and I hang out, eat, talk, have some drinks, as well as appreciate each other’s contractor. Every year on social media there is an explosion of people telling me why Thanksgiving is evil. I hate these people! Just let me appreciate a nice day with our friends! This year was a little problematic, because of an issue with the central furnace. It was a bitterly cold holiday this year, as well as the two of us had the heating system running at full blast. The air coming from the HVAC duct was as bitterly cold as the winds outside the house. I turned off the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system as well as evaluated the pilot light in the furnace… Ultimately I couldn’t figure out what the complication with the heating was, so I turned to the trusty old fireplace instead. The best thing about having a brick fireplace is you never have to worry about heating, all you need is wood as well as an open flame! After I got a roaring fire built, no 1 thought twice about the faulty heating system again. The house was nice as well as warm, plus the two of us had the pleasant crackle of the burning logs in the fireplace. I suppose it was 1 of the best holidays this family has ever had, all thanks to the fireplace.


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