Competing over HVAC systems

My neighbor Bob is a jerk.

That is the most polite and cursing-free way I can describe him.

If I had a few drinks in, and you caught me in person, I would use a lot more colorful language. Since this is an open forum for discussion, I will save the harsh swear words. Suffice to say I do not like Bob, and wish he were not my neighbor. Because of the junked cars in his front yard, I also think he is bringing down the property values for the whole area! For Bob everything is a competition, even when it comes to our residential HVAC systems. Personally I couldn’t care less what kind of HVAC system Bob has in his house, but he surely seems to care about mine! Three years ago I had to get a full system replacement, and a local HVAC contractor was kind enough to give me a payment plan. Otherwise I could never have afforded a new central heating and cooling system! A few months after I got my new system, Bob called the same HVAC contractor and asked for the same system, then asked for a discount if he paid entirely in cash. Bob might have needed a new air conditioner, but he definitely bought it in such a way to rub it in my face. He gloated about not needing a payment plan, and about getting the same HVAC system for a much lower price. My next move is to tell Bob I am getting a new brick fireplace installed, just to see if he does the same thing.


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