A steep discount on HVAC services

I dislike the idea of Black Friday.

For years Black Friday has screwed up my Thanksgiving, because everyone seems more interested in going shopping than spending time together as a family.

Do you remember years ago when Black Friday was actually only held on a Friday? There would be huge one-day-only sales and everyone went nuts for them. Now Black Friday sales start on Thanksgiving, and it’s all anyone cares about. Although I loathe this day, I did make a concession and take advantage of a flash sale held by the local HVAC contractor. My central HVAC system is roughly twelve years old at this point, which means it needs more care than ever before. A system such as this might work for as long as 25 years, but it requires regular HVAC inspections, cleanings, and tune-ups. This is a very big house, and the estimate I got for a brand new HVAC system was over fifteen thousand dollars. I cannot afford that, so I invested in the annual HVAC service plan with my local contractor. This year I heard the HVAC contractor was holding a flash sale for Black Friday, so I made sure to take advantage of it. It’s actually the exact same HVAC service plan I currently have with the contractor, only by purchasing it on Black Friday I got 40% off. That’s a direct savings of three hundred dollars, and I will still keep getting the same great service. If the HVAC contractor does this every Black Friday it might just become a new tradition in my house.
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