Cooling off on Thanksgiving

It was another hot and humid Thanksgiving in my house.

This did not come as a surprise, because it seems every Thanksgiving is hot and humid in this part of the country.

Much to my surprise, it was a little cooler than usual. The afternoon temps reached the upper 70s, which for the Deep South is actually kind of chilly! If there weren’t so many people jammed into my house at once I would have opened up the windows and let the gentle breezes keep us comfortable. But with a dozen people in one room, and the stove gently heating the place up over the course of the day, I eventually had to cave in and turn on the central HVAC system. Air conditioning does a lot more than just cool the place down, you know. Air conditioning enhances every aspect of the indoor air quality, the temps, the humidity, and the smell of the place. When you have so many sweaty people crammed into one area, the air quality can deteriorate very quickly. I switched on the central A/C not just to cool the place off but to freshen up the indoor air quality, and it worked like a charm! We spent the whole day watching football and eating copious amounts of food, and no one even noticed that the air conditioning was running. The best quality of an excellent climate control system is that it can work in silence, keeping everyone comfortable without even realizing it’s on. On Thanksgiving, I was especially thankful for my central HVAC system.

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