Spend money to make money

They say you have to spend money to make money.

A lot of people say this, when I don’t believe they fully understand it.

People use that excuse when they spend money for no good reason, as a justification to make themselves feel better. It is a true statement, but most people simply don’t understand how to do it properly. Treating yourself to an expensive meal is not a way that you “spend money to make money” that is just spending! On the other hand, investing in a nice new HVAC system before selling your house is a great example of this adage. By spending a few thousand dollars on a new central HVAC system I was able to list my house for $25,000 more than I would have previously. When the realty agent told me how much money the new A/C would be worth I did not believe her. It’s just an air conditioner, how could it possibly generate so much more money for the asking price? The agent explained to me that climate control was something people demanded, but they didn’t like to think about. In other words, buyers want to walk into a house with perfect climate control, and not think about any problems. It would have been almost impossible to sell the same house without the new air conditioner, because it would make potential buyers think there were other problems as well. I am so glad I invested a few thousand dollars into a top of the line HVAC system for the house, it has paid off big dividends!
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