Black Friday sale at the HVAC contractor

Once upon a time there was something called Black Friday.

Back then, it was only held for one day.

There were huge sales offered for one day only, so you had to shop fast or miss out on the best deals. That was a while ago, because lately the trend is for “Black Friday” sales to last all week, sometimes all month. This provides more incentive for people to not pay attention to their families on the holidays, and to focus 100% on spending money. Although I abhor the Black Friday craze, this year I did avail myself of a flash sale being offered by my local HVAC contractor. When I heard about the flash sale I was confused, because I had no idea what the HVAC contractor could sell, unless someone’s A/C happened to break down on Black Friday. It turns out the contractor was offering a substantial 25% discount on the yearly rate for the annual HVAC service plan. When you pay for this plan, the HVAC contractor gives you two annual inspections for your home system. On top of that, you get additional discounts on any major HVAC repairs you encounter throughout the year. I understand just how expensive it can be to maintain a modern air conditioning system, so I took advantage of the flash sale. Thanks to the Black Friday prices I can now afford to take better care of my central A/C and heating systems. I still don’t like Black Friday, but I am thankful I took advantage of this amazing annual HVAC service plan.



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