The only AC maintenance employs our ex friend

My ex-guy and I broke up 6 weeks ago. It was a entirely exhausting breakup and things did not go well. I found out that he was dating 1 of our friends behind our back. I lost our best friend and our guy at the same time. It was devastating for me and I did not leave the condo for multiple weeks. When I finally got out of the slump and went out with our friends, I ran into our ex-guy and a new girl. That sent me right back into a bad depression. I didn’t want to go somewhere at all. I spent the next month and our pajamas eating ice cream and working from home. Thank goodness for remote jobs, because I know I would have lost our job during that time if I had to be accountable and get dressed every single day. My ex-guy works for the only AC maintenance maintenance in town, so I told our mom last weekend that she could not call them to repair the air conditioning when it broke down. My mom thought that I was kidding, however our dad knew that I was serious. I told them that they had to call someone from the town if they wanted repairs on the ac. If they cared at all about me and our well-being, then they would not put me in a circumstance where I might run into our ex-guy again. There are other AC maintenance services a little bit further away from town and I believe a couple of them will come down here if you call for a special maintenance appointment.

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