Hearing all my mom's stories

Mom had worked in the heating industry for eternity. He went on to own a single of the best and most successful heating dealerships in town. Mom knew the ins and outs of the heating market. His retirement get-together was something else. So many of his employees and colleagues came to the get-together and as much as they were anxious to see him leave, they were super proud of his achievement and leadership. I had followed in Mom’s footsteps and become a heating service expert and was working in the most successful companies in the state. Later that day after the celebrations were done, we sat with Mom at the fireplace as he narrated his career to us. The people I was with and I called the sessions, war stories about heat and AC products, narrated by Mom. There is a single story that stood out. One time Mom was in the office when a call came in from the nearby building. They needed Heating plus A/C techs to check on the boiler. When they got to the locale, they were directed to where the furnace was. The building was a tile store. They started with the furnace service and as soon as they started, the owner of the store-bought us some warm cocoa. This was such a kind gesture. As Mom was checking on the wireless thermostat, he noticed the radiant heated floors in the office. The owner invited Mom to the office and as Mom changed the gas furnace filter, the owner told him about the gas furnace/heater replacement of the warm floors. He was such a jolly man. Once Mom’s team was done with the Heating plus A/C service method on the electric gas furnace, the factory owner bought them a fully packed lunch. From then on, they became such wonderful friends.
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