Teaching my son more about air conditioning

I had been so busy the whole day I barely had time to look at my phone.

When I looked at my phone at around eight in the evening, I found several missed calls from my son.

I immediately called him back. He told me he thought our climate control system was not working because the house was cold. The evenings were starting to get chilly. That is when it hit me that I must have missed the alarm to readjust the temperature settings on the digital thermostat. I usually changed the settings when nobody was at home to save energy. He had even called the indoor comfort business asking for an a/c serviceman to find out what was wrong with the HVAC installation. I told him there was no need for air conditioning repair and explained what was happening with the multi-split air conditioning system. It was about time I taught him basic things about the HVAC and how to reset the regulator. I realized that he was twelve, and it was time he knew more about air conditioning. Since it was just him and me in our house, it was paramount that he learned basic things and did not have to rely on the air conditioning provider entirely. Other things, such as HVAC maintenance, could be left to the air conditioning technician. As for a/c care, we would play our part in it because not everything was up to the air conditioning company. That night after we had eaten dinner, I gave him a simplified version of what he needed to know to maintain good air quality. After all, we had one of the best quality air conditioners the cooling industry had to offer.

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