The customer had neglected maintenance

I had been dating my girlfriend for a month! She invited me to her home for dinner, and I had an opportunity to meet her parents.

By profession, I am an air conditioning serviceman, and I own an indoor comfort business.

I had served so many clients the previous week, one of the heating and A/C replacements I tested had rusted and was about to cause a dire accident. The purchaser had neglected the heating and A/C service, which had caused the quality a/c to be in bad condition. The air conditioning filter was filthy and clogged up. I later found out that the purchaser was my girlfriend’s dad, and he used to travel often, and occasionally he forgot to schedule air conditioning care. I had installed the multi-split air conditioner, and his daughter was not my girlfriend. I swapped the dial temperature control for a smart one that would be compatible with the modern unit. As an air conditioning provider, I provided the best the cooling industry demanded of me. As an air conditioning serviceman, this was the sure way to grow my air conditioning company. The long-time neglect also meant that an air conditioning service was inevitable. Back then, during the replacement, he asked multiple questions and wanted to be involved every step of the way, and it was clear he wanted to know more about air conditioning. I loved working for a customer who appreciated all the work that went into obtaining good indoor air conditions. Her dad invited me over to join their family dinner. The dinner went superb as we spoke about our professions and the people we met yearly.

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