Mark it on the calendar.

I asked my partner to remind that the Heating & A/C worker was going to be at the house to repair the furnace on Monday, then i was hoping he would remind myself and others on Monday morning so I didn’t go grocery shopping as well as forget about the Heating & A/C worker.

Instead of reminding me, he told myself and others to mark it on the calendar.

I’ll go nights without looking at the calendar unless I have something particular to believe about, love doctor’s appointments, or other important dates. I believe I should consider the Heating & A/C system repair an important date, despite the fact that I never did. I got angry when he ignored my request as well as I walked away. I put the note on the calendar, however, as well as I went to the dining room to make supper! Monday morning, i was getting ready to go grocery shopping, when I got a cellphone call from the Heating & A/C supplier, and they told myself and others the Heating & A/C worker was going to be early, as well as if it was okay, he would arrive in about an hour. It was a lucky thing I was still in the house. If I had been in the grocery store, I would have had my cellphone turned off, or I would have ignored it. I hate talking on the cellphone when I am in a store. I took my jacket off as well as put my billfold back in the dining room, expecting the Heating & A/C worker to be there shortly. Two hours later, the Heating & A/C worker knocked on my door. I could have finished my grocery shopping as well as been cabin already if they hadn’t called as well as said the Heating & A/C worker was going to arrive in an hour.
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