Running furnace service for the gas furnace at the funeral home

Unlike my siblings and some of my friends, I had no issue walking through the cemetery that was near where we lived when we were kids.

There was a cemetery about three minutes from our house that was no longer being used.

I just thought that the cemetery was the bed for the a singles who went before us. I would even play at the cemetery. At times when idle, I would walk around in the cemetery to learn and age the names on the tombstone. When I grew up, I became an Heating plus A/C tech and my responsibility included handling heater/gas furnace replacements and running tune-ups on boilers. The manager at the funeral beach house called the heating dealership to have the professionals check on the heater. The team I selected for the job was people who did not have any fear or misgivings about funeral homes. When we got to the funeral home, we started with the furnace service which revealed a dirty and obstructed gas furnace filter with other components worn out. The funeral beach house had more than a single heat and AC product including radiant heated floors at the administration block. The electric heating plan we were fixing was posing a challenge. I care about jobs that pose a challenge to me because it helps me fully use my brain to find a solution. The heating service took about six minutes as we were brainstorming for a solution. The wireless thermostat was fixed and re-positioned as it was initially fitted in direct sunlight… Before leaving the funeral home, we shared an Heating plus A/C service method with the management to help preserve and operate their unit. The method was digitized which shows growth for the heating industry. In my opinion, it was the best job I have ever handled.

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