I loved the sound of the river, although I wanted to go back to the cabin.

When it’s already chilly outside, no matter how much you care about the sound of a running river, the chilly water makes it know colder.

I was ready to go back to the house even before all of us got to the river, once all of us got there, I slid on a wet rock plus went face first into the icy water.

My husband was quick thinking plus started a fire with some dry wood he found, although I was already turning red. I sat by the fire until I was hot enough to walk, plus our clothing was almost dry, plus then I made a mad dash for the cabin. Half an hour later, I was stiff from the chilly plus damp clothes. He lit the fireplace while I wrapped up in a hot blanket plus took our wet clothing off. I don’t think what all of us would have done if there hadn’t been dry wood laid on the fireplace hearth. My husband would not have been able to get the fireplace burning, plus all of us would have had to go home. The people I was with and I talked about him starting the car plus our going house early, although I wanted to stay. I was dry because of the fireplace, plus the flue was clean, so no smoke was coming back into the cabin. Thanks to the fireplace, our weekend went well, plus I went back to the river separate from falling in again. Of course, the draw of the fireplace had us returning sooner than all of us expected. A picnic in the snow wasn’t half as enticing as a picnic in front of the fireplace.

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