He told me to take a jacket, however leave the space oil furnace at home.

I thought our bestie was being crazy when he told me to take a jacket with me, however leave the space oil furnace at home. I knew that anything could happen where all of us would not have any heat in the cabin, plus I wanted to be prepared. He said there was no place to plug a oil furnace in at the cabin, however that wasn’t a problem. My space oil furnace would run for up to fifteen hours on a single charge, plus I had plenty of batteries for backup power. He told me the space oil furnace would be too unwieldy to carry along, although I was insistent. I was going to take the space oil furnace with me, or he was going alone. The people I was with and I parked about a quarter mile away from the house plus had to hike the rest of the way, however by the time all of us got there, all of us were both chilly plus wet from the now steadily falling, chilly rain. I wanted a hot shower plus a fireplace to rest in front of, however the house had neither. There was a wood stove to heat water, however there was no split wood. He went in search of wood while I stayed at the cabin, so I didn’t get colder. In the meantime, I set up the space oil furnace in the middle of the house plus set it on high. By the time he returned, the house was comfortably warm. He had enough wood to get the fire burning so all of us could heat water, plus he smiled. He said it was a good thing he let me bring the space oil furnace along with us.


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