Camping is not something I enjoy.

I love spending time with my family plus friends, however when they beginning talking camping, I shut them out. I picture having the home to myself for an entire weekend, or longer. I get to lounge in the tepid tub, or a bubble bath for as long as I want, without interruption. I can turn on the Heating plus Air Conditioning plan plus rest in front of the cable with a fantastic book or an outdated musical, plus no 1 bothers myself and others or complains about what I’m enjoying. My sister asked myself and others if I would join this summer, plus I shook my head no. I told her that camping is not something I enjoy. She asked if I would go if they said all of us would be glamping, and glamping sounded too much adore camping, plus I wasn’t buying it. She said you got to stay in a costly tent that had all the comforts of home, including a portable indoor toilet. I asked if there were showers plus tepid water, however she wasn’t sure. If I had to sleep outside without plumbing, I wasn’t going. I wanted many solid walls that would take some real trying for an critter to get in. I wanted heating and/or air conditioning, plus I wanted to be comfortable. She said there were beds in the tents used for glamping, however that’s all she said. I told her I wasn’t interested, however thank you for asking. I wanted nothing to do with camping or glamping, plus I wasn’t budging. I was going to stay lake home with my Heating plus Air Conditioning plan plus make sure nothing happened to my home. I didn’t buy a lake home just to leave it behind plus sleep on the ground.

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