They tricked me into going camping.

I swore to trust none of them again

My best friends were always trying to get me to go camping, and I always refused. Last week, they tricked me into going camping with them, and I was furious. They told me they were going to the beach and asked me to go along. I love the beach, and in our area, it is always a good place to sunbathe. I agreed to go with them with no hesitation. When we got there, they pulled tents out of the car and started setting them up. I thought we were going to a hotel or back home‌. I didn’t know we were going to be staying on the beach. I asked where they expected me to go to the bathroom or get a shower. They pointed to the shower you used after being in the ocean, which was outdoors. I said I was going home, even if I had to walk, and they laughed. I wanted heating at night, even if it was still warm in the daytime. I wanted to be home where I had a perfectly good HVAC system and I could be warm and safe at night. I didn’t want sand fleas in my clothing and on my skin, and I definitely did not want to sleep on the sand or in a tent. I asked my best friend to take me home, but she refused. I swore to trust none of them again. The only saving grace about the weekend was that one girl bought a portable space heater for the tent. I would not freeze to death at night.



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