Mark it on the calendar.

I asked my husband to remind that the HVAC technician was going to be at the house to service the furnace on Friday.

I was hoping he would remind me on Friday morning so I didn’t go grocery shopping and forget about the HVAC technician. Instead of reminding me, he told me to mark it on the calendar. I’ll go days without looking at the calendar unless I have something specific to think about, like doctor’s appointments, or other important dates. I guess I should consider the HVAC system service an important date, but I never did. I got angry when he ignored my request and I walked away. I put the note on the calendar, however, and I went to the kitchen to make dinner. Friday morning, i was getting ready to go grocery shopping, when I got a phone call from the HVAC company. They told me the HVAC technician was going to be early, and if it was okay, he would arrive in about an hour. It was a lucky thing I was still in the house. If I had been in the grocery store, I would have had my phone turned off, or I would have ignored it. I hate talking on the phone when I am in a store. I took my jacket off and put my purse back in the bedroom, expecting the HVAC technician to be there shortly. Two hours later, the HVAC technician knocked on my door. I could have finished my grocery shopping and been home already if they hadn’t called and said the HVAC technician was going to arrive in an hour.


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