Sitting in the sunshine for minutes

I made the fatal error of not taking into account the fact that I would be stuck in the sunshine for minutes upon minutes on end. When my teenagers wanted to go plus play at the modern big playground nearby us, I was ecstatic to take them there. This would not only supply them some much needed play time, however it would supply myself and others some much needed relaxation time. However, the day we made the decision to go was a super sunny day, in the 75 degree range. I dropped the teenagers off plus sat down on a nearby picnic bench. I got lost in my cellphone for a little bit, before I realized how hot I was becoming. I looked up plus noticed my teenagers seemed to be unaffected, too distracted by their own imaginations. I looked around for some cooling relief, however found there were no shaded areas nearby. I decided to transport spots plus lay underneath a tree for some shade, however it was quite uncomfortable since they didn’t have a bench there, so I was sitting on tree roots, but my shirt was becoming damp from so much sweat, plus I was only able to lay there for another 30 minutes before telling the teenagers it was time to head home, however naturally, they begged for more time, but I told them no, however as we hopped into the car, the first thing I did was turn on the air conditioner. I blasted the car’s right in my face, plus I sat there for the next 15 minutes entirely enjoying the freezing air. After I cooled down a bit thanks to the Heating plus A/C unit, we were able to drive back home.

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