Taking my kids to the playground

Yesterday was an interesting morning.

I was taking my kids to the playground for some fun.

While I watched them have fun on the playground, I noticed that it was a pretty hot morning, plus I regretted laying in the sun. But the parking lot where I parked my vehicle was already filled with cars, plus I did not want to move away from my car, so I was stuck. It did not help that there were only several benches, both of which were in the sun. Even though I was thrilled to see my kids having a great time, I was quite bored myself. That is when a man walked up plus sat down next to myself and others plus both of us started having a casual conversation. I talked about the intense heat, plus the guy told myself and others he was a HVAC worker, plus he deals with heating plus cooling all of the time. He told myself and others about his job plus what the work of an A/C specialist looked like. I found it to be interesting. I also l earned that he was a single dad, plus I was related to being a single parent plus the struggles that came with it. The two of us ended up hitting it off plus exadjusting numbers. By then, the kids were done with playing plus ready to go home. I was thrilled to get back in my car, plus as I turned on the A/C I thought of the cooling serviceman. I hope I can see him again soon.



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