The oil furnace had a burning smell

I wasn’t that sad when I turned my heating unit on for the first time in 6 weeks, plus I smelled a burning smell.

  • This is a official occurrence everyone will experience if your heating unit goes unused in the summer time weeks.

The burning smell is just caused by the dust that was built up being burned off. The smell usually goes away within an minute or so. However, after a few minutes had passed plus I still smelled the burning smell, I did begin to grow nervous. After a morning plus the smell had only faded a little bit, I was easily nervous. Even though my heating unit seemed to be laboring just fine, plus was heating the entire lake house well, I still decided to call a HVAC worker just to be on the safe side. The heating plus A/C worker came a few minutes later plus examined the HVAC machine. After 20 minutes he told myself and others that it was most likely just an excess amount of dust, because he could see no issue involving the HVAC system. He told myself and others to deliver it another morning or so, plus if the smell still persists to call the A/C supplier again. While this was reassuring, I still couldn’t help however to worry. I turned the oil furnace system back on plus waited to see if the smell would go away. It turned out the A/C repairman’s advice was true, because another morning later, the burning smell had completely disappeared, much to my relief.
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