My fiance was determined to fix the air conditioning himself

My fiance has a natural talent for a lot of things.

He is a phenomenal writer, & I mean it. As an avid book worm, I love to study & marrying an author was certainly a good choice. This works out perfectly, because my fiance likes to receive feedback. Multiple afternoons in a row have I stayed up, on the edge of my seat, reading his stories. That is how good of a writer he is. He is also pretty good at repairing watches, but his talent with repairing things ends there. So when our air conditioning component stopped working & he told me he was going to repair it, I laughed. I did not assume he was serious, although he was. I once again told him that that was a awful idea, although he did not want to hear it. I knew this was going to be entertaining, & so I watched him poke & prod for the next 30 minutes. As I figured, he wasn’t sure how to repair it. Before he even finished, I call for an appointment with the air conditioning company. He eventually provided up, & the real certified Heating, Ventilation, & A/C tech was supposed to come here the next morning. My fiance hasn’t brought it up since, & when the actual heating, ventilation, & A/C professional came & repaired the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C device, I could almost see the jealousy glint in my fiance’s eyes. Now he is going to write a book on Heating, Ventilation, & A/C work & equipment, he says.

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