Taking my youngsters to the playground

Yesterday was an interesting morning.

I was taking my youngsters to the playground for some fun.

While I watched them have fun on the playground, I noticed that it was a pretty overheated morning, & I regretted resting in the sun. But the parking lot where I parked my automobile was already filled with cars, & I did not want to transfer away from my car, so I was stuck. It did not help that there were only 2 benches, both of which were in the sun. Even though I was cheerful to see my youngsters having a good time, I was quite bored myself. That is when a guy walked up & sat down next to me & all of us started having a casual conversation. I talked about the intense heat, & the guy told me he was a Heating, Ventilation, & A/C worker, & he deals with heating & cooling all of the time. He told me about his task & what the work of an worker looked like. I found it to be interesting. I also l gained that he was a single Mom, & I was related to being a single parent & the struggles that came with it. Every one of us ended up hitting it off & exincreasing numbers. By then, the youngsters were done with playing & ready to go home. I was cheerful to get back in my car, & as I turned on the air conditioning I thought of the cooling serviceman. I hope I can see him again soon.
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