The new heating tech was having a bit of difficulty

My home needed to be as comfortable as possible, because I was having some guests over tomorrow.

I had made sure that my guest room was perfect, and set up in all of the ways that our guests would need.

However, there was one small issue that I wanted to take care of, and that was heating and air conditioning. The HVAC unit was still working fine, but I wanted to be on the safe side and have a professional air conditioning technician look at it anyways. The heating and A/C specialist arrived a few hours later, and I noticed that he looked like he was barely out of high school. I first didn’t believe he was the actual air conditioning specialist, until he pointed to his cooling truck parked by my home. I let him in, and watched TV while he worked away on my A/C unit. After an hour, I hadn’t heard from him. I checked on him and noticed he was having a bit of difficulty. With something as simple as a HVAC maintenance, I couldn’t help but wonder if he was a new heating and cooling worker. He ended up telling me that he just graduated HVAC university and had only been working at the cooling company for two months. I congratulated him and we talked for a bit about heating and cooling technology. I was happy that he still did a great job, and afterwards he moved on to his next A/C appointment.

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