The A/C business had a cool logo

When it comes to logos, I know a few of the popular ones, but I don’t really pay much attention to them. I imagine a lot of other people have the same view. Anyways, I did notice when a commercial came on, that this was a logo I didn’t recognize before. When I watched the commercial, it was a commercial for heating and cooling. I thought that this must be a new HVAC company that I hadn’t heard of. But to my surprise, it was the same local air conditioning corporation that I have used many times. But they changed their logo to something new and cool looking. Considering that I couldn’t even remember their old logo, I thought that they made a good choice. Their new logo was much cooler. A few months later, I had forgotten about the logo incident when I was having the local air conditioning company come out for HVAC tune ups. When the heating and A/C repairman entered my home, I noticed the cool logo on his work shirt and I was reminded again of the neat logo. I complimented the heating and A/C tech on the logo and he said that they have been getting that a lot. Apparently the new logo change has become popular with customers, and they sell some shirts with logos on them on their website. I thought that was pretty cool, although I don’t think I would wear the logo unless I became a cooling worker. The air conditioning technician finished up the maintenance and left not long after.


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