Online heating and A/C videos didn’t help

Most of the videos were a mix of different types of HVAC equipment.

Usually when I need to repair something, I can usually repair things myself. But not always. Sometimes the repair is just too difficult. I had that experience when my heating and A/C broke down. I knew that the issue had to be simple, because my cooling unit was almost brand new. So instead of paying for a potentially expensive HVAC repair bill, I did a quick search and found many HVAC tutorials online, and so I thought that the A/C repair was going to be easy. So I brought out my tools and started taking the heating and A/C apart. However, I didn’t make it past the beginning. Although the person had the same kind of heating and air conditioning that I do, a central HVAC, they must have had an older or maybe a newer model of central cooling device, because the inside was different. It was already hard enough to find central cooling units to repair online. Most of the videos were a mix of different types of HVAC equipment. I saw window A/C units, mini split ductless HVAC components and portable air conditioners. I finally found a video of a central A/C, but now there was this issue of not matching up with my HVAC system. I had already wasted an hour, and I didn’t want to waste any more time. I put the heating and A/C back together and I opted to call for a HVAC technician and let them handle the repair.


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