My husband was determined to fix the air conditioner himself

My husband has a natural talent for a lot of things. He is a phenomenal writer, and I mean it. As an avid book worm, I love to read and marrying an author was absolutely a great choice. This works out perfectly, because my husband loves to receive feedback. Multiple nights in a row have I stayed up, on the edge of my seat, reading his stories. That is how great of a writer he is. He is also pretty good at repairing watches, but his talent with repairing things ends there. So when our air conditioning device stopped working and he told me he was going to repair it, I laughed. I didn’t think he was serious, but he was. I once again told him that that was a bad idea, but he didn’t want to hear it. I knew this was going to be entertaining, and so I watched him poke and prod for the next 30 minutes. As I figured, he wasn’t sure how to repair it. Before he even finished, I call for an appointment with the air conditioning company. He eventually gave up, and the real certified HVAC tech was supposed to come here the next day. My husband hasn’t brought it up since, and when the actual heating and air conditioning professional came and repaired the HVAC device, I could almost see the jealousy glint in my husband’s eyes. Now he is going to write a book on HVAC work and equipment, he says.

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